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Co-crystal Technology (CCT)

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Co-Crystals drugs in the market

Some Examples of Co-crystal drugs in market

Molecular structures of A. ipragliflozin (API) and B. l-proline (conformer).
Molecular complex of valsartan and sacubitril (multidrug cocrystal).
Chemical structures of A. Ertugliflozin and B. l-pyroglutamic acid.
Molecular structures of A. escitalopram and B. oxalic acid.

Recently launched Co-crystal drug in the USA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Seglentis® (celecoxib and tramadol hydrochloride), a proprietary product developed by Esteve Pharmaceuticals’ (ESTEVE) R&D team. It is an innovative first-in-class product comprised of a co-crystal form of celecoxib (an anti-inflammatory) and tramadol (an analgesic) for the treatment of acute pain in adults. This is ESTEVE’s first proprietary research product to enter the United States market.

In words of Dr Carlos Plata-Salamán, Chief Scientific Officer and Chief Medical Officer of ESTEVE “This innovation is the result of applying a crystallization technology to improve the physicochemical properties and pharmacokinetic characteristics of its active pharmaceutical ingredients. The FDA approval means that clinicians and adult patients in the U.S. now have a new treatment option for acute pain management.”

Seglentis® is the trade name for tablets that contain a co-crystal composed of celecoxib and tramadol hydrochloride. It is a new analgesic designed for acute pain management in a multimodal treatment approach targeting four complementary pain relief mechanisms. It offers a new treatment option for acute pain management aligned with the multimodal analgesia now considered standard of care.

The novel co-crystal structure produces a unique pharmacokinetic profile of its active pharmaceutical ingredients compared to their individual or combined administration. The New Drug Application (NDA) was approved by the U.S. FDA on October 15, 2021.

Staffan Schüberg, Chief Executive Officer of ESTEVE, said: “We are proud of this milestone as we understand it as a recognition of our daily efforts to meet patients’ needs and to address the challenges the pain community is facing nowadays”. Seglentis® will be commercialized in the United States by KOWA Pharmaceuticals America, Inc

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